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Decolonizing Indigenous Food Systems

Decolonizing Indigenous Food Systems: Building Partnerships for Sustainable and Equitable Food Systems in Canada and Kenya

Indigenous food systems and food sovereignty have been disrupted, and in some places, eradicated through the “development” and exploitation of land and resources. Indigenous peoples have struggled to stop the destruction of their lands, waters, plants, animals, insects, birds, fish and trees – grounded in the All in Creation principle. To amplify and elevate Indigenous voices and knowledges, the overall goal of this project is to build authentic and reciprocal relationships among researchers, Indigenous peoples, and community organizations in Canada and Kenya for the benefit of Indigenous food systems, and ultimately, reclaiming food sovereignty. Through reciprocal relationships, we will discuss wise practices, current and systemic issues affecting Indigenous food systems, and Indigenous ways of knowing about traditional and modern food systems and food sovereignty affecting both countries.


Collaborators: Dr. Erica Di Ruggerio, Dr. Paula Braitstein​ (Late)

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