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University of Toronto Bulletin. (September 9, 2020). ‘Land-based’ learning online? How one U of T professor reimagined a ground-breaking course amid COVID-19.

Global News. (November 2, 2019). Why a UN declaration on Indigenous rights has struggled to become Canadian law.


Global News. (September 28, 2019). Why some First Nations still don’t have clean drinking water.

Global News. (August 21, 2019). Indigenous healthcare issues in Canada.


U of T News (August 2, 2019). Healing begins on the land: How U of T’s Dalla Lana School of Public Health is Indigenizing Teaching in Public Health:


Global News. (July 27, 2019). Indigenous communities and water crises – is a real solution.


Global News (February 12, 2019). Cat Lake First Nation crisis spotlights health care struggles of remote communities.


The Varsity (March 16, 2019). A glance at the state of Indigenous health.


Al Jazeera America Online – The painful legacy of residential school system by Nina Devries


FNH Magazine, University of Toronto – Biographical Profile of Angela Mashford-Pringle – 2016


The Varsity: University of Toronto Student Newspaper – Education for reconciliation: U of T should prioritize Indigenous Studies published June 5, 2015


Huffington Post Canada – Colonialism Causes Diabetes, and Other Things I Learned at…


About Indigenous health, schooling, and intergenerational trauma from Coursera course on Aboriginal Education


Global Thunder Bay – “Around Town” segment – May 13, 2014 6:00pm News


Niagara News (Community Paper of Niagara College) – Education is key to a brighter future


Health Nexus – Thoughts on Leadership

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